Many hotels and schools are recycling kitchen and garden waste using worm farms and advice obtained from Wizzard Worms.

It is clear that they are leading the way in protecting our environment and at the same time have benefitted by significantly improving the appearance of their gardens and grounds after using their own farms’ byproducts, namely worm wee and worm compost.
Examples of these hotels and schools include:

  • Drakensberg Sun in the Central Drakensberg obtained six Wizzard Worms Garden Units in February 2008 to recycle their kitchen waste. Those responsible for maintaining the hotel’s outstanding gardens and grounds attribute their aesthetic appeal to the use of their own worm products in these areas.
  • Rawdon’s Hotel in the Central Drakensberg obtained a Wizzard Worms Commercial Worm Farm in November 2008, and subsequently have recycled their kitchen waste using it. Attractive, healthy pot plants, an essential part of the hotel’s decor, are maintained to a high standard with the use of the worm products produced from their wormery.
  • Sabie River Sun Lifestyle Resort near the Kruger National Park obtained a Wizzard Worms Mini Commercial Unit in January 2009, which is now part of their environmental display. The unit demonstrates to their appreciative guests, how their own organic vegetables are grown to best advantage using their worm-recycled products.
  • Sanbona Wildlife Resort in the Western Cape now have a total of six Wizzard Worms Green Worm Farms strategically placed around their grounds. Since September 2009 these function as an attractive educational tool for their guests, and the Resort is delighted with the attention the worm farms have attracted.
  • The Saddle and Trout in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, has installed a Wizzard Worms General Purpose Worm Farm (purchased January 2010) to recycle the horse manure from their stables. The worm-produced byproducts are used to enhance their gardens and paddocks.
  • The Waldorf School in Bothas Hill has operated a Wizzard Worms Domestic Worm Farm since 2003, and since that time many of their children have been successfully introduced to recycling and gardening by observing this wormery in action.
  • Hilton College, near Pietermaritzburg, obtained a Wizzard Worms Commercial Worm Farm in August 2008, and has been successfully recycling a significant portion of both their kitchen and garden waste to the benefit of the school gardens.

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